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Cooking is defined as “the process of preparing food whilst applying heat” We beg to differ! Cooking is all about having swag with skill, whilst preparing delicious food. The kitchen is the place where the best aromas originate from and become memories. Everyone knows that the party always ends up in the kitchen – with COOKIN, that’s where it starts!

At COOKIN we’ll not only inspire you but also show you how easy it is to become a real masterchef. Be it a kitchen tea, house-warming, wedding or a special occasion – you will never go wrong with a bit of bling from COOKIN. Our tools are practical, functional and will impart confidence in the kitchen. COOKIN can make it even easier: Leave your wishlist with us and we’ll ensure your loved ones make your wishes come true… wrapped and ready to go! You’ll be dancing round the kitchen, igniting your inner chef in no time!

Based in KZN with stores in Nottingham Road, Hilton and Waterfall, we invite you to experience our collection of individually selected, global brands that will provide you with every culinary tool you could dream of… from preparation to presentation.

At COOKIN we are passionate about food and old-fashioned service so come on in and let’s turn up the heat in the kitchen a bit more – Step aside Gordon and Nigella, we will have some new chefs in town!

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